Tempo Can Change Your Golf Game Fast

Did you know that the most important part of your golf swing is tempo? This goes along with timing and they make all the difference between slicing the ball out of bounds and hitting it in the fairway. If your tempo is a millisecond fast or slow it can cause you to mishit the shot you are attempting. You need to find your tempo if you want to play better golf.

Tempo can be slow or fast and it depends on the golfer. Some golfers walk fast, play fast, talk fast, and do everything fast. They tend to have a faster swing tempo than someone that walks slower, talks slower, and plays slower. This is a personal thing and tempo in golf is a bit of a reflection of the golfer’s personality.

Three Ways to Practice for Better Tempo

1. Metronome

Many teachers will recommend a metronome to help you with tempo and it works best for putting. You can set it to tick at any speed you want and you will have to find the speed that feels best for you. Once you do, you can just try to match your putting stroke with the tick of the metronome and this will give you a consistent stroke every single time.

golf tempoYou can use it for the full swing as well, but it is a bit harder because your full swing takes longer than a putting stroke. However, it will work well for chips and short pitch shots since they are shorter swings.

2. Match Longer Clubs to Shorter Clubs

Most golfers swing with better and more natural tempo when they hit their wedges and short irons, but tend to over swing with the longer clubs. One of the best ways you can find a natural tempo and better timing with your driver, woods and long irons is to match them to the same tempo as your wedges.

Hit three balls with your favorite wedge or short iron, and then try to match that same tempo as you hit three balls with your driver, three wood, or another long club. This will help you find the natural tempo you possess. It will improve your long game and you will see better struck balls that go straighter and further.

3. Swing Slower with your Practice Swings

On the course, you can help find that natural tempo by swinging slower with your practice swings. Many golfers tend to over swing in their practice swings and this ends up happening in their regular swing as well. If you dial it down to about 70% in your practice swings, then you are more likely to swing smoother with a natural tempo.

Finding your tempo can lead to a better golf swing and game. When we over swing or swing lazy we tend to mishit shots. It is a fine line and you must practice with the tempo drills above. This will help you hit better shots and can lead to a natural golf game you can enjoy on the course.

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