My Top 5 Golf Swing Tips for Your Driver

Getting off the tee is one of the most important parts of the game of golf. If you struggle getting off the tee, then you need to understand the basics of hitting a good driver shot. This takes a totally different type of swing, setup, and mentality than hitting an iron shot. The best drivers of the golf ball understand these five golf swing tips for the driver.

How to Swing your Driver Better and More Accurately

1. Set up

The first tip for hitting a better drive has to do with your set up. This is a very important part of hitting a great tee shot and you must understand how to set up to the golf ball properly. You want to feel like you are behind the ball because the longest drivers hit the ball on the way up with the driver. This is the only club you want to set up this way with, however.

Make sure your weight is behind the ball by adjusting your spine angle and tilting away from the golf ball. This allows you to create power and launch through the ball instead of hitting down on it. You also want an athletic stance with your knees bent, your spine straight (not rounded), and with even balance on the balls of your feet.

2. Swing Position One

The next tip to help you hit the ball better with your driver is called swing position one. This position is the first position on the way back and proper position puts the butt end of your club pointing at your belt buckle with the head of the club outside your hands. This helps to create room as you continue up and allows you to attack the golf ball from the inside instead of the outside.

3. Tee the Ball Correctly

Something else you must do if you want to hit the golf ball off the tee better, is tee it up correctly. If you want to hit a normal drive and you are not trying to keep, it low or hit it high, then half the ball should be above the top of your driver when it is on the ground. This gives you the right position to strike the ball on the center of the club face.

4. Ditch the Driver

If you know you don’t hit a very good shot with your driver, but you do with a hybrid, three wood, five wood, or even a long iron, then ditch the driver for now. Spend time working on the driver on the range, but take it out of the bag and use a club you have confidence in while you are on the course. This will allow you to learn to hit the driver without costing you strokes on the course. It also gives you a consistent option for narrow fairways and days when the driver just isn’t working well for you.

5. Choose the Right Side of the Tee

When you know you hit a fade or a draw, you can make it easier to hit the fairway by teeing up on the right side of the tee box. For a right-handed golfer that it’s a fade, teeing up as far to the right (when facing the tee box and looking down the fairway) as possible will help you hit the ball at an angle that will cut down on the fade and make it more controllable. You want to do the opposite if you draw the ball.

Using these five tips for your driver swing will help you get off the tee better. If you want to get the most out of your tee shot, you need confidence and that comes from the range. Find confidence in your driver before trusting it on the course, and don’t be afraid to hit another club off the tee, where necessary.

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