What to Expect from Good Beginner Golf Instruction

Not all golf instructors work well with beginners. Even PGA professionals don’t all like taking on beginner golf lessons. This makes it a bit hard to know where to go when looking for beginner golf instruction. You need a teacher that works well with beginners and understand how to move you along the right lesson plan, so that you can get on the course sooner rather than later.

When searching for an instructor to teach you how to play golf, you need to ask a few questions before spending your money. You need to ensure they will teach the game properly and give you the best advice possible. It may take a few phone calls or face-to-face meeting before you find the right teacher, but it will be well worth it.

Five Questions to Ask when Searching for Beginner Golf Instruction

1. How do you Teach?

How a professional teaches beginners makes a huge difference. If they plan to give you a lesson about how to get off the tee as lesson #1, then you want to find someone else. This will make it very difficult for you to learn the game properly. You need a teacher that starts from the green and builds your swing in stages to the tee.

2. How Long will it Take for Me to Hit the Course?

If a teacher trying to tell you that they can get you out on the course within just a few lessons, they are just trying to get your money. It takes a series of six or more lessons to take most beginner golfers from not knowing how to hit the ball to playing on the course. This includes a lesson for nearly every aspect of the game, which is necessary before you try to actually play.

3. Does the Pro Offer a Rules/Etiquette Lesson?

The best beginner golf instruction starts with a rules/etiquette lesson, then the teacher will actually apply this lesson to others. Knowing the rules of golf and proper etiquette makes a huge difference once you get on the course. It will help you to move along at a respectable pace and you will also know the proper way to play the game.

Beginner Golf Instruction

4. Will they Include a Playing Lesson?

If you want to really learn how to play the game, your teacher should offer to play nine holes with you to show you some course management strategy and so you can see specific rules in play. This helps sum up all your lessons and gives you the ability to understand what is expected on the course. Without a playing lesson, you will be a bit lost on the course.

5. Do you Enjoy teaching Beginners?

This might be the most important question because even if they don’t tell the truth you will know the answer. Some teachers simply don’t like teaching beginners golf and there is nothing wrong with that. However, as a beginner you want someone that is good at teaching beginners and enjoys it.

Finding the right teacher for beginner golf instruction is not always easy. However, if you use these five questions you can find someone that will help you learn how to play golf properly.

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