Why Most Golfers Don’t Adjust Their Ball Position Properly

When you play golf and you start hitting the ball fat, thin, or in another way that is not all that desirable, then you need to know how to adjust your ball position properly. Most golfers relate their ball position with their feet, but this is the wrong part of the body to use for your ball position. It will lead to more issues if you don’t position the ball properly.

The best golfers in the world know exactly how to make adjustments when they feel something wrong with their swing. Believe it or not, most of the issues with professional golfer’s swings are similar to those with beginners and amateurs. They go back to ball position and set up when they feel something wrong just like the rest of the golf world.

If you are topping the ball, chances are the ball position is way too far back in your stance, whereas if you hit the ball fat, it is probably too far forward in your stance. However, if you relate this to your feet, you might not make the right adjustment. A better way to look at this is to look at the ball in relation to your sternum.

If the ball is even with your sternum, then it is in the middle of your stance. When you set up to the ball and you use your feet to adjust the ball in your stance you will notice that your sternum might not be in the same position in relation to the ball. You can put the ball in the middle of your feet and adjust the position with your sternum just by moving your weight one way or another.

Ball Position

Ball position makes a huge difference from one shot to another and by adjusting it properly, you can hit a draw, fade, high shot, low shot, or just a normal shot. If you put the ball further up in your stance, you will hit the ball higher, whereas if you put it further back in your stance, you will hit it lower. This can help you when you need to get the ball up faster or you need to hit a low punch shot.

When on the range, you can put this advice to work by seeing what happens with the same swing and different ball positions. Understanding what causes you to hit the ball fat or thin can help you make adjustments on the course. Sometimes it takes more than adjusting the ball position, but many times this is the issue that golfer have. If you can fix this, you can do more on the course when an issue arises.

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