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A Little bit About me and my Golf Tips

Hi, my name is Benjamin Ehinger. I started “Ben’s Golf Tips” because I feel my knowledge can help golfers of all skill levels. I provide many free golf tips on my website, through my blog, and in my regular newsletter. I also provide information about training aids, different golf guides, and other golf products.

My tips will help anybody from a beginner brand new to the game to those with a lower handicap just looking to work on one specific part of the game. Most of my tips are geared towards improving your actual game with emphasis on the short game, but I do provide tips for better tee shots and more. I will try to keep everything well rounded and give you information you can easily use.

I never played golf in High School or College competitively, but I picked up a club for the first time around the age of 5. I was far from a natural learning my horrible slice from my father at an early age. This and the lack of playing competitively put me back a few years with my golf career, but it is well on track now.

I am a graduate of the Golf Academy of America, which teaches golf professionals of all ages how to manage a course and properly teach the game. Between my own studies before going to GAA and the lessons I learned while in school I went from a 22.4 handicap to a 5.8 handicap. I break 80 regularly now, but can still remember when breaking 100 was a great day.

I’ve been there, like many of you. I used to slice the ball, hit chips fat, miss putts I should have made, and throw tantrums on the course. I know how it feels to hit one right off the tee out of bounds, then another. Just like you, I played bad golf for a very long time, and I can help show you exactly how to play better golf.

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